This last “improvement” means I don’t see anyone’s banners or sidebars AT ALL. The posts are all dark grey letters on white backgrounds, all the same font. It’s fugly. Plus, if there are more than about 20 comments, I only see the most recent 20.

Any ideas, peeps?

But right now… the BFF and I are going to see “Magic Mike XXL”. ;)

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TK is 9

NINE?! I know, I did the math twice. He’s still my litl kitn. And still a brat, even on Prozac.

Please enjoy this picture of him cat with someone who has spent 9 years hating hims.



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Kyle Smith, GoodFellas, Bullshit – Oh, My!


Wait till you get to the part about the angel.

Originally posted on shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows:

In this modern world of dogwhistle invective and coded slurs, wherein racist, sexist, homophobic ideology is frequently couched in ‘polite’ or ‘neutral’ terms, the better to distance its exponents from the bigoted reality of their actual opinions, it’s sometimes perversely refreshing when some properly oblivious specimen forgets the unspoken rule about code-switching into their Outside Politics Voice and lets us know what they really think, unfiltered. It’s like watching a slime-eyed troglodyte heave itself, gasping and wheezing, into the modern sunlight, an ugly-funny anachronism. You feel like you imagine David Attenborough does, whenever he has chance to narrate the cyclical reappearance of some particularly rare, hideous insect, but without the concern for its future preservation. Ah, you think to yourself, with almost fond revulsion, and here we see the Asshaticus Whatthefuckius, emerging slowly from its own distended rectum. Note the pungent aroma of gender essentialism and failure.

I am, of…

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Moar cat update

The Prozac still seems to be working for Mr. Tuxie. Have gotten a reliable mail-order supply from a place nearby. It’s a dollar a day, which is so much cheaper than taking hims to the vet all the time. All his fur has grown back so he’s back to him big handsum tukseedo self.

Miss Tortie is still having problems with not wanting to eat. Pretty much completely whimsical as to what she’ll eat when, or if. Very frustrating. Took her to a different vet and they gave her a different hungry pill. She’s only had one dose but it seems to help, so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe if we can break the pattern, she’ll get better. She may have an intestinal disorder, but that would take a bunch more expensive tests. Other than that, she’s in great shape for 14.5. She and I both like the new vet better so I guess that’s where we’ll go from now on.

I miss the TK cuddles. He almost never sits on or near me any more. He’s still sleeping more than usual, but it’s okay if it keeps him healthy. Tortie spends all her time in Daddy’s lap. She’s decided, VERY FIRMLY, that I am in charge of noms and Daddy is in charge of pettins, and we’re not allowed to do the other. There’s no point in trying to change the mind of an elderly tortie, so that is how it shall be.

Sailor Babo is mad at me for forgetting to take him to the latest sci-fi convention. Oops.

Next weekend lauowolf and I are going to a book fair extravaganza. Speakers, panels, food and wine, who knows what all.

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Further Tuxie and Tortie report

Him still (continue to knock on wood) peeing properly. Only in the box, and plenty of it.

Unfortunately the place I ordered from last time is out of stock and does not know when they’ll be back. So I have to call him’s specialty vet and see if they can send me some directly.

He’s gone from double hungry to 1.5 hungry. So while he pesters Tortie less often around the house, he’s in her face more at fudz tiem. Sometimes he has to get thrown out so she can eat. He’s still spending most of the day sleeping on a bed instead of out where we are, but I think him spending all his time with us before was actually a symptom of his anxiety and neediness. Now he’s more like his Daddy Moo, only with us when him wants to be. He’s much less spooky about visitors and loud noises. We ran the shredder for almost an hour and he wandered in and out of the room and even supervised from a safe distance. Him fur is glossier and shinier and more plush, which is an unexpected but good side effect.

Miss Tortie Princess got her shots and checkup last week, including blood work, and she’s in good shape for an adult kitty and excellent shape for a 14.5 year old. Yay. Except she’s not eating properly, so we’re giving her the hungry pills (I forget what they are) every other day. They are also the talky pills, much meowing. She continues her tortietude.

That’s about it. I ate too much Easter candy but I’m almost done with it so that should slack off.

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A cool thing.

She’s the teacher we all wished we had. Class outdoors, food, and stone tools.

Be sure to look at the slide show and turn on the captions.

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Tuxie update, updated

So he’s still totally digging the Pill Pockets full of Prozac.

Bad things — he sleeps even more, we aren’t seeing much of him during the day as he’s sacked out on a bed. Also, he’s still double hungry.

Good things — there are somewhat fewer fights with Tortie, and he’s still (cross fingers, knock on wood) peeing normally.

I miss the crazy YOWLing a little, but if I think of it as expressing stress instead of just for amusing me, I can deal. I do wish he’d at least sleep in the living room so we could see him cute little face.

We got 2 months’ dosage from 1800PetMeds for $30. I hope hope hope this works, I’ll put up with seeing hims less if it means we don’t have to haul hims to the vet.

Him fur is growing back very slowly. You can still see the peenkness under the short fur on his tummy, and the base of his tail looks smaller than the middle b/c of the shaving. Looks fine when him’s catloafed.

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