Luxury yurts!

Only the ones they’ll drive me to, thanks. Wonder if any of these operate in the summer?

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Season’s Greetings

As always, I celebrate Thanksgiving with the sublime episode “Turkeys Away” from “WKRP in Cincinnati”. It’s a tradition. This is a mediocre copy, but since most of the humor is in the dialogue, enjoy!

Turkeys Away

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For Laurie C, again!

I’m pretty sure one of your local supermarket chains isn’t having this contest:

La Catrina

Or a contest to send you to the Latin Grammys, or to a meet and greet with Marc Anthony… yeah, me neither.

You have to go to the store to enter the contest, sorry. But maybe you can vote starting Nov. 3! Or at least look at the pictures.

(This chain has cheap cheap prices on produce and meat, plus a whole restaurant on the side. Lauowolf and I spent a lovely afternoon there once.)

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I know, I can’t believe it either. But Miss Tortie Princess is 15 years old today!

She’s getting a little skinny in her old age, and is even pickier about her fudz, and ever MOAR TORTIE as time goes by, but she has good energy and overall good health. The floof is still floofy.

Sometimes she still plays like a kitn and runs around from room to room yowling, and she still has the big purr. Ever more of our floor space is taken up by boxes for her to sit in; she likes a variety of sizes in a variety of locations.



Her qte remains exactly the same.

(Also, HB to Tree Sweater)

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So I’m not ignoring you guys…

it’s just that I can’t see when/where/if you reply to my comments or Like them. The little symbol on the upper right indicates, but when I click on it, it just does loading circle forever.

Cats just eated nip from lauo’s garden and are thus QUIET, huzzah.

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For Laurie C!

Just running through my local grocery store today and saw things that are relevant to your interests.

(Meanwhile, it’s still high summer outside. Yech.)



LOTS of candy

LOTS of candy

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So, this private blog thingy

I know some of you started private  and some of you are going private.

What all does that entail? I just poked around on the Dashboard and it was no help as usual.

Is there anywhere you can see how many/who is subscribed to your blog? Cuz I know there’s a limit of 35 people for a free private blog.

While I was on the Dashboard, there was a map with a country in Europe highlighted as my visitors for today. I couldn’t tell from the map what it was. Below the map, it said “Slovenia”. I don’t know anyone in Slovenia, I’m pretty sure none of my friends are visiting there, so I suspect it’s spam. Another reason to go private!

Kitties are still good (cross fingers).

ETA: Argh, I found on the old Stats page that there are 67 followers. Twice too many! So it’s even more important that I have an actual list, since some of those blogs might be old, inactive ones.

PS Oh, there’s the list. Yeah, some of those people aren’t here and some of them have changed blogs. Might be able to get it down to 35. MAYBE.

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